Demo Site Launched

What the heck is Pickle?

Pickle is the name of the company founded by Sean T. Conrad on February 15, 2021 to help you organize your photos. You’re receiving this newsletter because you were kind enough to fill out my market research survey. THANK YOU!

For everyone who filled out our marketing survey, I wanted to share with you the results and the progress.

Survey results:

  • Everyone has a moderate amount or more, most a huge amount, of photos they want to organize, which I assume is why you clicked to see the survey
  • There was a virtual 7-way tie for which features people want, but…
  • Overwhelmingly, TOO TIME CONSUMING was the reason people aren’t organizing their photos
  • 55% had photos on social media that they also want to back up

What’s happening next?

From day one, we want to build the product to help our customers enjoy their photos with less hassle. Here’s what’s next:

Finally, how Pickle can help you?

Based on your input, these are the features we’re researching:

  • Automatically syncing photos and videos plus all your existing albums, tags, titles, and descriptions from all the other services and, of course, your phones and hard drives
  • A family plan that allows multiple members of the household to help with sorting
  • Unique organization tools that do more than just removing identical duplicates and are more effortless than what’s currently out there

Thank you for your support!
Founder of Pickle

PS By the way, I keep saying “we” when talking about the company. I do have some potential partners, but this is the current team: