Beta Testing is Live

We launched our Private Beta! Testers are now installing our app via Apple Test Flight and the Google Play Beta channel. Over 15 testers are organizing their personal photos daily. The reaction is positive and users are requesting more collaboration features. Sign up here to… Read More »Beta Testing is Live

What is EXIF data?

And why is it important for you and your photos (and videos)? “EXIF” data is information about a photo that the camera puts into the file. This information could include when and where the photo was taken, what type of camera, and lots of info… Read More »What is EXIF data?

Demo Site Launched

What the heck is Pickle? Pickle is the name of the company founded by Sean T. Conrad on February 15, 2021 to help you organize your photos. You’re receiving this newsletter because you were kind enough to fill out my market research survey. THANK YOU!… Read More »Demo Site Launched